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The Awakened Parent Challenge
How to strengthen the connection with your teenager in just 7 days

(Paperback edition)

This books’ main focus is on the relationship a parent has with a teen or pre-teen suffering from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, low self-esteem or low confidence and all that often comes with having a sensitive, rebellious or creative child. Helping to give parents, the necessary tips, tools and techniques to get the results needed to move their children forward in a caring and positive way.

It is said “It can take a big shake to wake us from a deep sleep”, wouldn’t it be little kinder and certainly less traumatic to be gently awakened? As a lifelong learner, Darren Curtis was told by one of his teachers, that he was put on this planet to wake people up. He pondered on this for some time and is in no doubt that this suggestion planted the seed for the title and contents of this book. An easy read, peppered with real-life examples, non-judgemental and a good dollop of humour to help digest the subject matter.

He was mindful that, even when people are in pain, so many buy a book, read a couple of chapters, then let it sit on the shelf gathering dust, never having realised the full benefit within the pages; more shelf development, than self-development! This was to be the exception to that rule, by being the book that parents, teachers and caregivers would read from start to finish by choice. Cleverly designed to work on multiple levels, this book helps you to;

  • Gain and maintain a healthy parent-child relationship,
  • Talk so your teenager listens and listen so your teenager talks
  • Stop worrying about a negative “what if?”
  • Stay calm
  • Break negative behaviour patterns and cycles
  • Tame your inner critic
  • Stop focusing on problems and start focusing on solutions
  • Ask better questions
  • It’s interactive, so you’ll get your own learning as you go, by answering the questions at the end of each chapter.
  • There is the invaluable option to take the free online awakened parent challenge, where the author walks you through each chapter and answers your questions along the way.

Darren Curtis is an accredited Life coach and Youth coach. He studied neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, Broadband Consciousness and Shamanism whilst trying to help find a solution to his wife’s depression, anxiety, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. In the last two decades, he has gone on to use what he’d learnt in these areas to help teenagers in schools and colleges as part of the local authorities; services supporting behaviour team. He also coaches at various youth leadership events around the world, including the Tony Robbins global youth leadership summits. He lives in Reading, Berkshire with his wife and business partner, Tracy Curtis who together facilitate mental health awareness training/workshops. They have two grown-up sons, Danny and Bailey Curtis, Labrador Wiggly, Patterjack Pebbles and black cat Gizmo. He is delighted to report that his wife’s mental health is now very good.

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What People Say

I purchased this book as have a 9 year old boy who seems to be going through the pre teenager zone. Found book very helpful and easy to read and using alot of the techniques it has restored harmony to the house again.
Children grow up so fast so when they do go through their difficult times it is nice to have something to refer to assist in those "fish wife" shouting times !! Also hoping it will lead on to a careful peaceful teenager years.

Karen BlanchardFantastic and brought peace to home going through the mini teenager years !!

I just love this book. Darren Curtis has captured the true essence of being a parent, especially to teenagers.
As a father to 4 boys (now past their teens) I still found ideas to use. And shared them with my boys so they too
can help their children be who they can be. The John Lennon quote on page 2 - sets everything up perfectly
and resonates with anyone who's had challenges with authority figures. Thank you.

Peter Thomson

I thought Darren's book was easy to read, filled with lots of practical advice on dealing with young people. I found the book helpful in understanding my own approach to young people so was able to modify this accordingly. I have recommended this book to a friend of mine who has also found it really helpful in dealing with her teenage daughter. Well done Darren

J HircockAn excellent read